I would do the same.


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  1. Posted by beetilo1992, — Reply

    I don't think it's healthy. Would you feel the same if a mom threatened a son to shave the head of any gf he brought home? Break her knee caps? It would just seem weird and possessive, right?

  2. Posted by diannebeard794, — Reply

    So you are all so intent in loving his accent. WTF? Please raise your children to be strong independent thinkers and not fall for this crap. Who the fuck cares what his Daddy thinks? He is but a catalyst to the next step. You’re a fucking moron Da

  3. Posted by zo6marlene, — Reply

    Good lord....this is a game between these two....done many times over with different subjects. It’s not child abuse. Little girl is going to grow up strong and with her own opinions and not afraid to speak her mind. Good job dad.

  4. Posted by philjenkins236, — Reply

    Everyone can relax! All the triggered super parents are here to scream “I’m offended” and “child abuse” 🙄

  5. Posted by amiella4050, — Reply

    Guys it’s just a joke come on I’m lit 14 and me and my dad joke lit this and it seem seri but it’s not just chill

  6. Posted by msnancylgonzale, — Reply

    Love it, reminded me of my dad, always threatening to break knee caps👍

  7. Posted by 1nicole78, — Reply

    Why tease a child this age about shit like that?!

  8. Posted by janard2, — Reply

    LOL :-)

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