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  1. Posted by nmaus1012, — Reply

    Gather them for pointless reasons like: ”Id like to thank all of you for coming. I've called u all here for one thing. I took a big shit a minute ago. Thank you.”

  2. Posted by Avourrito9, — Reply

    Ppl totally be missing the word "Loyal" here. Just imagine how much LOYAL friends could do together?? VOTE ME FOR PRESIDENT, save my lil ass in trouble, nobody can mess with me cuz I got friends and we protect each other, BE FUCKING RICH TOGETHER

  3. Posted by yeethaw06, — Reply

    In case you need an idea of how many 30 million friends people is, there are 331 million people living in the US, so if all your friends lived in the states, roughly 1 in 11 people would be your friend

  4. Posted by shravshal674, — Reply

    Get 30 million friends borrow 2 dollars from each of them which they'll eventually forget and now you have 60 million dollars. This is repeatable

  5. Posted by Virgo22Rose, — Reply

    I would chose the money because what am going to do with all those friends? I get tired with the amount of friends I have right now and it’s nowhere near that much. Plus who doesn’t want 30 million dollars?

  6. Posted by FuntimeFrexy1983, — Reply

    30 million loyal Friends because then I would ask each friend for $10 and I would have 300 million dollars and 30 million loyal friends in the time span of a year

  7. Posted by alexander2934, — Reply

    Take the friends. Start a cult. They will serve you and give you far more than $30million dollars, as well as indoctrinate others and do your bidding around the word.

  8. Posted by altraynor06, — Reply

    I am 13 years old. I have like 3 LOYAL friends so I'm gonna go with 30 million dollars and go shopping with all my friends and take them on vacations and stuff and give like 2 million to my mom because I'm a good person :)

  9. Posted by someonelikethis, — Reply

    Lending 2$ from each of them... So you have like 60 million $ to invest. And you only would have to pay 2$ back some time (But I would still take the 30 million....)

  10. Posted by sydduhshair, — Reply

    If I had 30 million dollars, I’d buy a house, and my own car. I heard that you can pay people to marry you, so I would buy a big daddy as well. Thats it. ☺️

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